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Head up, stand tall, we've got your best shoe forward!

Denim Closet

Hey there! My name is Paula and I have been in fashion for 20 years. 5 years retail, 8 years modeling, 7 years personal shopping!

Pursuing my passion of well fitting clothes and personal style allowed me to perfect the art of building confidence through wardrobe. It is so important to know what flatters you and I just love educating my clients on what works best with their hair, skin, and body type.

Today is your day! Leave the outfit picking to me. I will curate complete looks based on your shoot location and occasion. Head up, stand tall, we've got your best shoe forward!


Book Paula and Sarah to create your special experience in 2021!

Capture your memories today today with an experience that will last a lifetime!
Special Offer: Fashion Styling & Custom Photography Session

Contact and book Paula directly:

Tel: (214) 699-9470

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