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Authentic self-value, strength, and beauty are something I find everyone deals with within all age groups, cultures, and financial circumstances do not make this go away. Some of the most beautiful people listen to the most horrible self-talk. I personally think this is something everyone has to fight to some degree. 

I have worked with youth especially tweens and teens that transformed in front of my camera. Mom would tell me "this one, is my middle child thinks she isn't as pretty as her sisters". Another mom "my son doesn't fit in with the other kids in his class" he might seem a bit shy at first, we start photographing and both mom and I are in shock by the response. Later mom messages that dad wants to know what happened? As his son seems so different, in a positive way with added confidence? Then some clients that bring their tweens and teens in even if just for a mini headshot session to encourage them.  Some parents dive in for a full custom portfolio session. This gives us time to communicate more and give feedback. Especially if they have goals that include marketing and branding themselves. Most of the youth I work with have a nonprofit, are talent, advanced in education or all the above. 

Wealthy and gorgeous women of every color and shape tell me they are not worthy! They don't see their own value and beauty. Wanting a filter to make them look like a plastic doll. To not show their age. Yet, I look at them and see clearly that they are beautiful! 

This isn't something that stops with youth and women of all ages. Men have these same insecure thoughts. As well as older people, "go photograph the young ones, I am no model." I love to photograph those that are much more mature. Their inner child/youthful self seems to start to come out and shine onto the camera. 


I love photographing all ages of people from every background. 

Mental health is a huge issue in my family. We all deal with it in different ways. I am thankful that most of the time I deal with it through being a workaholic. I love what I have the opportunity to do. When I can help someone see themselves as authentically valued, strong, and beautiful it fills me with joy! 

I have been blessed to work with many people who deal with depression, lack of self-value. Even my own sister has told me on more than one occasion that being in front of my camera is healing for her soul. I have had friends and clients experience this as well. I am no doctor nor do I have any magical powers. I have had many clients of a variety of ages and backgrounds tell me it is encouraging to work with me when I photograph them. I've had some tell me the experience is life-changing. 

Full custom sessions and retainers include pre and post consultations. This time can sometimes include journaling and other self-searching. It's a time for vision, development, and encouragement with a larger picture for the future. Thankfully our past is not our future! What is the future you want to create? I would love to capture you along your journey! 

Sarah Anna Hansen - Dallas Photographer

Phone selfie, no filters, no photoshop - Sarah Anna Hansen

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