You and your brand are to 

valuable for a bad headshot.

Image test with the iPhone X, natural light, in the same location vs.

professional camera, studio lighting on location. ​

Do you see how a professional photography session can help you generate more business?


Do you need to update your Personal Branding or Headshot?


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Both natural light and studio can provide a beautiful headshot or portrait. Many times clients say "I need studio, I love these images on your site". I then tell them those are actually natural light headshots/portraits. I love capturing both for different reasons. It really depends on each person what I recommend. Many times we will do some of both for custom sessions. 


It is our goal that everyone looks and feels beautiful.
Before and after skin blemish edit. Add-on for advanced edit, still with a natural finish.
We want everyone to look authentically like themselves. 
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