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Come Together With Kindness?

What is your nonprofit?

We create and share Kindness Kits and award Courage to Be Kind Medallions!

What is your mission?

We will do our best to help our small corner of the world come together with kindness, one friend at a time, one stranger at a time, one act of kindness at a time.

How/Why did you start what you do with Come Together With Kindness?

After dealing with escalating, bullying-type behaviors for almost five years, in 2017 we decided we wanted to do something to make a difference. Drew discovered firsthand that it takes courage to be kind, so we decided to recognize other kids who have the courage to be kind with custom-designed medallions.

Drew started encountering bullying-type behaviors when he was in Kindergarten. By the time he was in first grade, we started creating and sharing Secret Service Missions/Kindness Kits for kids so they could discover something Drew had already learned – that it feels great to be kind! WE called the project Operation Good Deed Doer. When we started CTWK three years later, it was a no brainer to continue and grow Operation Good Deed Doer. Since our official launch in 2017, we have shared over 5,000 free Kindness Kits with kids in 33 states and 12 countries…and counting!

What was your experience working with me as a photographer?

Each time we worked with Sarah she made us feel right at home. It’s like going over to visit a friend for a fun photoshoot! Sarah captured Drew’s true personality which shines through in each and every photograph. Drew loved that he could be himself and do his own thing. Sarah has a knack for capturing the true essence of each person she photographs. No fake smiles, no forced poses, no pre-fab photo session. Sarah captures the real you, in real-time, with her real talent.

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